5 Acts of Kindness You Should Know About

In a tough, cruel world, showcasing a good act of compassion may just uplift someone whom may be facing their hardest moments. It is so vitally important yet ironically difficult for people to help others in current times. Is it because of the worlds attitude towards one another? Someone’s personal problems? Situations? Who knows. However, there have been times where performing heart-warming deeds have brought communities together (especially over social media) to override the current stigma that our ‘generation is ruined’. Here are 5 acts of kindness that will definitely make you smile!


1) J.K. Rowling Donates $160 Million to Charity – loses a prestigious status

Harry Potter’s Mastermind – J.K. Rowling

The infamous author of the Harry Potter books reached stardom and billionaire status after the worldwide hits of her books and movies. After being regarded as a billionaire on Forbes’ rich list, she lost that status after donating a whooping $160 million to charities and good causes. It shows what a big heart she has and that not many famous people would give up such a status in order to help those who are more unfortunate in the world. Her exhibition of kindness is what other wealthy individuals should incorporate (quite a few do but tend to keep it quiet) in order to show that life is more than money and the spotlights. Imagine if all the rich people donated to help those worse off….

J.K. Rowling is an inspiration to all aspiring novelists not only intellectually but emotionally, as her acts definitely put her as one of the big hearted authors around. If she probably reached billionaire status again, I hold it in a positive light that she would be more than willing to lose that in order to suffice those who dream of reaching those boundaries.


2) Newly-Wed Turkish Couple cook for Syrian Refugees on their Wedding Day

Most unique wedding ever?

This has to be one of the most unique and selfless acts that happened in a long time. As the Syrian crisis continued, inhabitants of the once beautiful country fled in order to start fresh and again and as far as away possible from the treacherous war. Turkey being bordered to Syria meant that Turkey expected an influx of Syrian people as it came to light in the world news. Now you would think that spending the most probable best day of your life would be in a beautiful venue surrounded by your friends and family members where the spotlight is on you and your spouse (and of course the wedding food). Not for this beautiful couple. Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat instead decided to spend their wedding day by cooking and serving Syrians whom had arrived from the border. It wasn’t a small sum as well, they served around 4,000 people!

It is a rare occurrence to see such a wonderful act unfold by two heroes whom surely have a beautiful life ahead of them. I have never seen this level of kindness before as  it surpasses every expectation you would think a wedding would turn out to be. I wish them the absolute best in their beautiful marriage and that joy and happiness reside in them in the ways that they had put the smiles and happiness into the fleeing Syrians.


3) Company offers $1 alternative to highly priced potential HIV cure

Mark Baum – Impris Pharmaceuticals CEO

Daraprim, a drug used to prevent the development of HIV/AIDS revolutionised science in terms of a cure towards HIV/AIDS. The drug cures an unfamiliar infection called toxoplasmosis which can penetrate weak immune systems which can develop into HIV/AIDS. However, in a profit-motivated abysmal move by the company that initially proposed the drug – Turing Pharmaceuticals, the CEO Martin Shkreli upped the price to a ridiculous $750 from around $13.50. This move created uproar against the company in what clearly was to generate substantial monetary gains rather than help those dying from an incurable disease.

Turing’s CEO may have thought he was going to rake in the money only until Express Scripts stepped in with a drug created by Impris Pharmaceuticals at a fantastic price of only $1. Now that is a selfless act in itself which connotes many other forms of kindness. Only a dollar to potentially save masses of those from catching the once horrendous incurable HIV/AIDS. The better thing it is not under patent-control so can easily be distributed which makes the matters even better. Turing Pharmaceuticals must have their knickers in a twist now after a sour business manoeuvre. Express Scripts and Impris CEO Mark Baum, we salute you for a heart-warming act.


4) Young Child donates to vandalised Mosque – and they return the favour

After the horrific Paris attacks in 2015, inevitable ‘Islamaphobia’ attacks were clearly seen. One of these situations occurred  in Texas, USA whereby a local mosque was vandalised and damaged. Of course, the implications meant that reparations of the Mosque wouldn’t come cheap depending on the extent of damage the attackers caused. Whilst you would normally expect the Muslim community to obviously chip in for the fees alongside hard-working adults, it was to everyone’s surprise and admiration that a young boy by the name of Jack Swanson donated his $20 savings towards the Mosque. Jack was saving up for a luxurious iPad but decided that his local community deserved a helping hand and in this lovely charitable donation.

Jack Swanson – Texas’ local superhero!

Jack’s donation was publicised on social media which sparked a lot of beautiful comments about Jack and the community and mainly bringing those on social media together by opinions being voiced against racism, Islamaphobia and for a equal society.

Since the Muslim community loved what Jack did, they decided to repay him in a subtle way by buying what he was saving up for – his iPad. As a token of gratitude, they sent Jack the iPad through the post as a surprise for him. His reaction was full of rejoice and happiness which is what any kid should deserve especially being Jack. The message alongside the parcel came as:  “Dear Jack, you had saved $20 in your piggybank for an Apple iPad. But then a local Islamic mosque was vandalised. So you donated your $20 to this local Texas mosque. Because of your amazing generosity & kind heart.”

“Please enjoy this Apple iPad with our sincere thanks :-). Love The American Muslim Community.”

Thank you Jack Swanson for being a young hero whom shows that chivalry is not lost and for being an inspiration for the other children, adults and elders of our generation in teaching us generosity and kindness. Also, the kindness shown by the community is beloved as much as Jack Swanson’s brave act of charity.


5) Akon sets up project to generate electricity in Africa to 600 MILLION inhabitants

Yes that’s right, 600 Million people! Akon is famously known for his R&B songs which have had some major hits thus his illustrious status in the music industry. He is of Senegalese descent thus showing why his project is of high importance to him. After initially setting up in February 2014,  Akon aims to deliver the electricity in the form of solar power especially to the rural areas of Africa where they tend to live in darkness compared to the cities. Akon’s project covers a large scale of Africa that includes 11 countries within the region including Mali and Senegal. Not only does the project offer energy and electricity to those in dire need of it, but solar power itself is a much cheaper alternative to providing electricity as currently, many Africans use Kerosene – a very dangerous and expensive combustible liquid.

Powerful image – Akon’s project

The overall cost of the project has not been officially revealed as of yet but it is an act that I have seen no celebrity/ singer do in a very, very long time. Yes there are those who donate to charity, but setting up your own project with your own funds is a whole new level! It is quite shocking that the media coverage of Akon’s wonderful project is hidden behind  the front pages telling you who wore the best outfit at the Oscars (yes this does happen). Nevertheless, it truly shows what an amazing person Akon is and how to utilise big money in one of the best and kindest ways possible.

For those wanting a further insight to the project you can find it here: Akon Lighting Africa Project



It does show that there is hope left in humanity with these 5 acts of kindness. If you’re having a bad day, I hope this article motivated/put a smile on your face because it sure certainly did for me when I was writing this. These acts need to be publicised more rather than seeing  Facebook feeds implode with paparazzi mugshots! A special thank you to the brilliant people mentioned above for shedding light upon a dark world.

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