5 Brutal Tackles in Football History (Part 1)

The ugly, if not ugliest side of football


Football can sometimes become extremely competitive. When that happens, some players who have hot-heads can end up flying into a challenge that may result in horrible consequences. Sometimes, the tackles may just be a freak accident. Nevertheless, these tackles are not suitable for those with a feint heart.

1) Nigel De Jong’s Karate Kick on Xabi Alonso

This supposed “tackle” was more like something out of a Jet Li movie. To make things even more dramatic, it happened in the 2010 World Cup Final. Personally, I was bamboozled to why on Earth was Nigel De Jong super kicked Alonso with metal studs right into his chest. This tackle has to be one of the worst ones around and certainly a rather unique one.

Talk about getting breathing problems…

You can watch the tackle here:


2) Ryan Shawcross’ leg-breaker on Ramsey

Oh dear. In February 2010, English club Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross was in a tussle for the ball after winning it off an Arsenal player which then became loose (i.e. no certain team had possession). So Ryan Shawcross and Aaron Ramsey both went for the ball but on the receiving end was Aaron Ramsey whom broke his leg in the process. Straight away players waved for medical attention and the Arsenal players had all sorts of emotions with some infuriated and some shocked at the consequences.

Some may argue that the tackle from Shawcross had malicious intent as he did seemingly go very aggressively in. Some argue that there was no intent which can be seen in the reaction of Shawcross who looked regrettable and in despair of what had occurred.

Just moments after the tackle


3) Luke Shaw suffers a double leg-break

In a Champions League game on September 15th 2015, against Dutch team PSV Eindhoven, Luke Shaw, Manchester United’s defender was dribbling with the ball and PSV centre-back Hector Moreno came in with a crunching slide tackle. Luke Shaw suffered a double fracture in his right leg and was sidelined up to approximately 6 months (he is currently undergoing rehab as of this article).

Luke Shaw is only 20 years of age and with a setback like this is a test of his mental attributes and hopefully he can come back stronger and better. It was a horrible tackle, which left the inflicter Moreno in distraught as would any player would feel. There is no bitterness between the pair as Moreno was sincerely sorry as he visited Shaw in the hospital soon after the game and Shaw had told Moreno it was not his fault.

The incident in pictures


4) Horrible tackle on Gilles Yapi Yapo

This was another loose ball incident which occurred in the Swiss League late September 2014. FC Zurich player Gilles Yapi Yapo was on the end of a viscous tackle by FC Aauru’s Sandro Wieser and it was not pretty whatsoever on the replays. Sandro went into the tackle with so much pace and power that it would have literally snapped the area around his knee in half. Instead of pulling out of the tackle, Sandro left  Yapi Yapo in potential career ending pain and agony. The way Sandro went into the tackle seemed like he had no intention for the ball and wanted to leave his mark on Yapi Yapo.

Thank God that he can play again as he has returned from injury. You can watch the tackle here:


5) Que Ngoc Hai’s Yellow Carded Challenge on Tran Anh Khao

You’ve probably never heard of these players as they’re players in a Vietnamese League. However, Que Ngoc Hai a defender for Song Lam Nghe recklessly flew into a challenge which turned Da Nang’s player Tran Anh Khao inside out.

The craziest thing is that he only received a yellow card! The referee bizarrely didn’t send him off in another potential career ending tackle. However, after further investigation by Football Authorities, Ngoc Hai was given a six month ban which is the harshest repercussion seen considering the other mentioned tackles. The tackle can be seen here:


Well there you have it, 5 of the most brutal tackles in football history. Be sure to stay tuned for further articles as hopefully this will become a series bringing you tackles from the most infamous ones to unknown ones!

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