5 Unique Places To Visit In The Summer

Summer is upon us and there’s nothing better than going out or going on holiday (unless you love TV). So I thought that its also near the summer holidays for many children, I would compose an article of 5 places that are not your average New York or Los Angeles or Paris (you get the picture) and that are highly worthy of a holiday destination. This order is not sorted in ranking but rather an informational guide to different places.


1) Antelope Canyon, Arizona (U.S.A)

The Antelope Canyon in Arizona is one of the most amazing naturally formed places that is to ever be seen. It is simply a work of art and is one of the most photogenic locations globally. The formation of the canyon occurred rather uniquely itself as there was initial flash flooding that caused the erosion of a type of sandstone. Consequently, the formational process has wonderfully shaped the canyon to what it is today and thus why it is one of the most phenomenal natural sites on Earth. Even pictures don’t even describe how amazing it is! However, the only limitation of going to the Antelope Canyon is that if there is any flash floods in the monsoon season, the canyon can get flooded extremely quickly whilst there. Luckily, its the summer so the likelihood of that happening is very minimal.

The Antelope Canyon is so natural it may even look photoshopped!

2) Dongchuan, Red Land (China)

It’s called the red land for a reason. It is rated 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor and other respective travel sites for a reason. The reason? It is China’s largest land of rural red and is extremely unique as most grassland seen worldwide are within the colour spectrum of green but in Dongchuan, over 50 kilometres of red grassland can be explored! The red land is an increasingly growing attraction site for tourists and is regarded as the most impressive and outstanding red land in the world. The best time to visit the open red land is in the summer as the crops have fully grown and most flowers are have fully blossomed. It is unquestionable that the red land in Dongchuan is one of the most photogenic sites on Earth and is unique in all forms and aspects.

Looks like a painting….


3) Blagaj (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

A glimpse of what Blagaj has to offer

Blagaj is one of those places that are outstandingly and uniquely magnificent, but is unheard of. Located in south-east Bosnia, it is one of the most privileged areas in Bosnia as the settlement is mixed with both rural and urban combinations. It is also culturally diverse as and traditionally built as many people whom have visited there have voiced their opinions on how star-struck they were when visiting as seen here. From a visual standpoint, Blagaj is surrounded by beautiful mountainous features and luxurious water. Although it is not as big as the other regions, Blagaj has a community-like feeling when visiting and is vibrant in it’s own sense. What makes this place rather unique is the main combination of both rural and urban landscape and that it is virtually unheard of. Nevertheless, it would be one of the places that I personally would love to visit.


4) Glass Beach, Fort Bragg – California (U.S.A)

Say what? A glass beach?! Yes you heard right an actual glass speech. Don’t worry it is not made out of broken glass where every step would feel like walking on spikes. Fort Bragg’s beach is uniquely made out of sea glass – weathered glass that is chemically and physically found on beaches alongside water. Sea glass in Fort Bragg was constructed from recycling dumped garbage in a coastline near the northern parts of town. So they’re essentially the pebbles you see on beaches, but made out of weathered glass. The glass beach in California is a collectors dream as many of the sea glass found there come in different colours, shapes and sizes. However, tourist resorts and guides discourage the collection of sea glass as it would ultimately ruin the site and it’s beauty. Contrary to that is that there are two other glass beaches outside the state park area where collecting is allowed to a certain extent. Fort Bragg’s glass beach attracts thousands of tourists each year which shows you how unique this area is as there are not vast numbers of tourists visiting compared to your general holiday resort of Paris or Rome. Albeit being a spectators site, there are further reasons to why preservation of the glass beach is essential with the main reason being the protection of endangered plants and species such as the ‘Menzies Wallflower’. However, the glass beach is certainly a wonderful and wowing place to visit!

Sea glass… everywhere!!


5) Golden Bay (New Zealand)

As NewZealand.com says – “Drive over Takaka Hill and discover another world. Golden Bay is a vast paradise for nature lovers” This quote is certainly true. Golden Bay is one of the most unique sites ever. I mean there’s so much to see and especially do there that covering it in a small section would not do justice to the immaculate Golden Bay! It is most famous for it’s sandy bay and scallops and is rich with water. Fossils, glowworms, caves, fishing, farms, water activities you name it! There are absolutely endless things to do in the Golden Bay. Instead of me trying to elongate everything, there are very helpful websites if you want to know more about Golden Bay and it’s activities here and here

Now this is what you call beautiful – Golden Bay in New Zealand




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