5 Useful Inventions

Inventions that can be baffling yet clever at the same time

Imagination is a beautiful thing which allows us to create things that may either wow someone or end up being the craziest thing you may have ever seen. Today we look at 5 crazy inventions that have actually been proposed and have been made reality.

1) The Baby Mop

Yes this is actually a thing. The baby mop is designed for parents, carers and babysitters who are either too busy in their lives, lazy or ill. This is ideal for those children who haven’t learnt to walk yet as they would spend most of their time on the floor crawling whilst doing what they do best – playing. So when the floor needs a good clean just simply use your child as the labour work for the floor and you may not get the entire floor clean but the majority will be done nevertheless.

A clever idea to some extent, but for efficient cleaning it will indefinitely not get the full job done. There are several problems such as cleaning the clothing, getting all the floors clean etc. but still it is a useful invention in other aspects.

2) LED Slippers

LED slippers are a unique invention which is well thought out. For those scared in the dark or such as wanting to grab a late night snack whilst everyone is asleep, the LED slippers are ideal for guiding oneself in the pitch dark. LED slippers can come at a cost of $19.99 from Amazon (Direct link

to the slippers is here) which is not too expensive at all considering shoe expenses.

However, there are some obvious downsides as the slippers range is limited plus the coverage is only focused upon the height of the slippers thus meaning navigating around would mean mainly looking at the floor for perfect direction. Another downside is that the LED lights could go out sooner than expected depending on the guarantee or the LED lights may not work at some times.

Nevertheless, this smart invention is attracting many customers due to its simplicity and cheap cost.

3) Anti Theft Lunch Bags

Now this one is just straight out clever. Anti theft lunch bags are ideal for those wanting to protect their most valuable items or if you’re a food lover, your lunch/food. I’m assuming that the outside of the bag has a fabricated look that shows mould on the outside of the bag. Somewhat innovative, the mould should put off those wanting to nip in your bag especially for women and their handbags.

However, things may not be as effective as it seems. Thieves may not be put off so easily by the sight especially if they’re wearing gloves (which is quite likely) and would dispose of such afterwards. Therefore it is safe to say to keep your items locked securely away elsewhere. However, if its just simply your lunch then I’m sure that you’ll be fine in preventing someone from taking a bite from your precious lunch bag.

4) Sensor Tap/ Tap Sensor

Probably the most expensive out of this list, the sensor tap is a fantastic invention. Without needing to touch any sort of buttons the tap automatically comes on once you place your hands underneath the tap. This is especially useful in public areas where hygienic issues are a main concern (especially if you have an OCD for cleanliness). If only there would be sensor toilet doors in public…

How the tap sensor works

Of course with an advanced invention comes a costly price tag. Minimum prices for this tap based on complicity, function and the shop you purchase from can be for about £50. The maximum is beyond £150 for those wanting to go all out.

The maintenance of the tap can be a headache. As indicated in the image, you have to insert the type of water you would like – hot, cold or a mixture of both which requires quite some effort if the tap needs refilling. It would be useful if the tap would have those options as three separate buttons on the bottom of the tap but then it may need more inputs. The battery box is also an issue as some taps require AA batteries which is an additional continuation cost and the fact that you could wake up one day trying to use a tap that may not be working which burdens more upon the owner.

Apart from the technical and cost issues, the thought into the tap sensor was well thought out and is a useful invention which could be implemented more and more in the future.


5) The Couch Armrest Table

A simple yet effective invention, the couch armrest table is ideal for anyone. From as cheap as £8 (UK), the table can be removable or fixed onto the edge of your sofa/couch. Especially when watching TV the table can come in handy instead of needing a table for constantly leaning forward to grab your drink. This is my personal favourite out of the list as it’s very useful and innovative.

The only downside is that you may end up knocking it off the armrest if you fall asleep and depending on the type of sofa/couch you have, the armrest’s usage can be restricted to a specific type.


These 5 useful inventions are a small collection of many more. However, those on a small budget wanting to protect, impress or for customisation, the 5 mentioned above are ideal for such situations.


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