Auvergne – France’s Hidden Rural Elegance

Auvergne – Almost Like a Hidden Diamond in a Bronze Chest

Auvergne’s natural beauty


When thinking of the wonderful world and the places to visit that are on everyone’s bucket list, Auvergne (pronounced au-verh-ghne) deems to be under-looked. Probably because it is a destination that many people have not heard about or that the fact that France’s city attracts all the attention. Auvergne is definitely however, a place that you should definitely consider to visit due to the natural phenomena that lie within Auvergne.

History of Auvergne

Once a province turned into one of France’s 27 administrative regions, Auvergne holds high historical value. Dating all the way back to 52 B.C., the region was named after ‘The Arverni’ whom were a group of people apart of a Celtic tribe that inhabited Auvergne. An interesting fact is that then King of Auvergne Vercingetorix defeated the famous Julius Caesar in the ‘Battle of Gergovia’ that took place near the capital of Auvergne Clemont-Ferrand.

The land of Auvergne had been disputed over many times throughout the 1200’s, the 16th Century and even in World War II whereby Mont Mouchet – situated in Haute Loire a residential area apart of Auvergne – that held off German forces from occupying the region which led to approximately 4,000 casualties on both sides. Also, the region was involved in the famous ‘Hundred-Years War’ between the Kingdom of UK and the Kingdom of France

Auvergne in modern history has seen it’s rise as a tourist attraction France became increasingly wealthier after the 18th century due to deindustrialisation and globalisation. Consequently, as Auvergne is an agricultural area, there was a rise in their farming sector and thus provided for the growing population of France allowing the region to haul in economic growth.

Currently, Auvergne is now a beautiful rural tourist attraction for anyone to visit.


Geographical Overview of Auvergne

Auvergne’s Mountainous Landscape

Auvergne’s mountainous region is humongous. The mountainous landscape can peak around 7000ft (feet). Another figure in the 7000’s is the last time a volcano occurred in Auvergne and the volcanoes are classified as dormant. The highland peaks of Auvergne are a huge attraction to those visiting the region.

The area itself covers around 26,000km (squared) and ironically is one of the smallest areas in France. Thinking of what a beautiful attraction it is, being one of the smallest areas comes as a slight surprise.

What does Auvergne Offer?

Auvergne is essentially now a holiday/ tourist attraction. You can visit the inner cities or even go into the regional land and explore the land. Many activities are also on offer such as hiking, golf, cycling, fishing and more. There is so much to do and the best part is that you won’t be stuck in your holiday accommodation (if you do decide to go) as there are many indoor activities as well.


Auvergne – My Personal Overview

I have never been Auvergne but before and during the composition of this article, Auvergne is a wonderful place to visit. The mountainous region and the pictures I have put in this article sort of reminds me of what some parts of Hawaii look like. Auvergne is truly a beautiful treasure and is a place that I hope more people would visit than rather the generic holiday destinations. Auvergne has a lot to offer and the destination itself is simply mesmerising.


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