International Tiger Day 2016 – Five of the Rarest Tigers

Today marks the 6th year anniversary of international tiger day which is trending on twitter as #internationaltigerday. Unfortunately this day is more dedicated towards raising awareness about helping save tigers whom are rapidly becoming extinct, rather than celebrating the wonderful species.… Continue Reading


My Top 5 Star Wars Lightsaber Duels

star wars

Nothing better than seeing a lightsaber battle Star Wars is a franchise that even makes grown adults reminisce about. In tribute to the latest movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens arriving after a decade since the previous film, here are… Continue Reading


5 Banned Ingredients in Cosmetics

banned makeup

These ingredients could’ve made you look spectacular, but on the inside it is a different story. Cosmetics/ Makeup is a worldwide use for women especially and will only continue to elevate. Some companies used this as an opportunity to seek… Continue Reading