Excessive Makeup Led to Woman Getting Sued

Sometimes too much makeup is too much for someone…

Everyone wants to look beautiful right? I mean, the majority of women use makeup even in it’s slightest form. However, putting on a bit too much makeup everyday trying which inadvertently may cause you look completely different to your natural self may result in tragedy as it did for this woman…

Marriage is a huge, HUGE thing to consider yet a wonderful thing. Through the wedding vows of standing by your woman throughout your life was a bit too much for an Algerian groom when he saw his newly-wedded wife without makeup for the first time. Of course it may be a bit different to how you would normally see the love of your life when you meet up but this man suffered ‘Psychological Suffering’ according to many news outlets.

The reason? He thought someone actually STOLE his wife’s identity and accused her of being a thief! He also claimed that she ‘cheated’ him by the use of her makeup. Wow, she must have put on A LOT of makeup for him to state that. The worst thing is that this was just after one day into their marriage… Oh dear.

The craziest thing is that after experiencing such a ‘trauma’ he took steps a bit too far after goi
ng on to sue her for a whopping $20,000 (£13,000)!!!!! That is absolutely ridiculous! I really do hope the bride is okay after probably experiencing one of the best days of her life which turned into a lawsuit. The confusion must have been insurmountable.

The most-likely aftermath after he saw her…

I wonder what the outcome of this case must have been… But this incident was taken a bit too far in my opinion by pledging to your wife then only 24 hours later going against the thing you vowed. But the woman should have probably toned down her makeup? Maybe, I feel that wearing too much makeup that makes you look completely different to whom you are is OTT. I mean, wear it modestly but not toooooo much! Nevertheless, it does not compensate to what a bewildering case of events it must have been for this ex-couple.

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