Facts about the Afghanistan-Pakistan Earthquake 2015

An earthquake that shook like once before

Only days after Hurricane Patricia (which I did an article about the facts of the Hurricane here), a powerful earthquake shook the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and some areas of India. Today, we look at the facts that are associated with the earthquake.

The Epicentre of the Earthquake (Image by USGS)


The Afghanistan-Pakistan Earthquake Itself

  • The Earthquake was recorded as a minimum of a 7.5 on the Richter Magnitude Scale. This mirrors the Kashmir Earthquake in 2005 whereby the classification on the Richter Magnitude Scale was 7.6.
  • The Pakistan Meteorological Department classified the earthquake as an 8.1.
  • The epicentre of the earthquake was in the remote region of Badakhshan Province which is located in north-eastern Afghanistan and is mainly occupied by the Hindu Kush mountainous region.
  • The earthquake struck hardest in various remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan’s capital Islamabad also felt the severity of the earthquake.
  • There were tremors in some areas of India such as in New Delhi.
  • The earthquake caused landslides in Badakhshan causing ground aid reliefs to be delayed.
  • Aftershocks of a magnitude of 4.0 on the Richter Magnitude Scale was recorded west to the original epicentre (Recorded by the US Geological Survey – USGS)
  • The region of Badakhshan do experience lower levels of earthquakes but not as high as this one. Recorded earthquakes within the region can be found here.


The Damage Caused

  • Over 360 people have passed away with the death toll potentially rising as more search efforts are being put out day by day especially in the remote regions where communication and support is limited.
  • More than 2,000 people have been injured by the earthquake with over 1,500  being in Pakistan (and still counting).
  •  On Tuesday 27th October 2015, over 7,500 homes were destroyed/damaged alongside 12 schools and 17 mosques in Afghanistan. This was recorded by the Afghan presidential palace here.
  • Many people have been left homeless and have been sleeping in extremely cold weather as a result of the earthquake.
  • Around 179 people were killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (one of the four provinces of Pakistan). Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was one of the hardest struck regions by the Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake.
  • The earthquake caused a stampede in an Afghan school located in Takhar which left approximately 12 schoolgirls killed in an attempt to escape the school premises.
  • The earthquake has left some people in constant fear and shock especially younger people.
  • Aid reliefs are being limited in some areas due to the aftermaths which may result in higher casualties if people do not receive treatment in time.


The Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake was the epitome of fear and trauma in Afghanistan-Pakistan following the severity of the Kashmir Earthquake in 2005. Two major natural disasters have commenced within a matter of days which is abnormal and can be frightening for others in some sense. May all of those affected in the Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake recover quickly and those families who have lost their loved ones be given patience and strength to get through these hard times.


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