Hurricane Alex Facts – A Rare January Hurricane in the Atlantic

Hurricane Alex – The First Storm of 2016

Satellite imagery of Hurricane Alex courtesy of NASA

Hurricane Alex is the first hurricane to hit the new year. What makes Hurricane Alex unique is that it is a rarity to see it in the Atlantic:

  • It is the first named storm of 2016
  • Hurricane Alex is a rare occasion due to it being in January when the Atlantic Hurricane season is generally from the end of June to November.
  • Warnings for hurricane type weather were issued near/in Azores – a Portuguese island to the west of Portugal. Azores has a population of roughly 250,000.
  • It is the first January Hurricane since 1938!
  • Only the third ever hurricane to be announced in the Atlantic and in January  since Hurricane Alice which was in 1955. Recording hurricanes began in 1851.
  • Hurricane Alex experienced winds around 85-95mph.
  • Wind speeds meant that it was classified as a Category 1 hurricane.
  • The highest rainfall was measured at 7 inches, whilst the average was 3-5 inches. This rainfall can lead to flash floods and landslides.
  • So far, no casualties or deaths have been recorded at this moment. When the hurricane dissipates records of such figures is expected to be released.
  • Before being classified a storm, it is said that winds for the origins of Hurricane Alex derived from the south-east coast on January 7th that slowly picked up speeds whilst moving towards Bermuda on the 8th of January.


Quite a few hurricane records have been broken albeit it being only a category 1 hurricane. By defying the hurricane season, could we see future trends of hurricanes post-period? With the rise in global warming it is certainly possible but a far-fetched likelihood. I hope everyone affected is protected from facing calamities from the rare January hurricane and that families are safe.







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