Facts About Hurricane Patricia

Dubbed as the Strongest Recorded Hurricane at Sea

Hurricane Patricia recently hit Mexico in what is being called as the strongest recorded Hurricane at Sea. This article aims to provide facts about Hurricane Patricia and the damage/potential damage it can cause.

Hurricane Patricia from Satellite imagery (Tech Insider)

Hurricane Patricia Facts

  • It is the highest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Maximum winds occurred at 200mph (325 km/h). Hurricane Linda held the previous record for highest recorded winds at 185 mph (295 km/h).
  • It is recorded as a category 5 storm.
  • Initially hit West/South-west Mexico and then continued in-land and hit other areas such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
  • The last category 5 hurricane Mexico experienced was in 2007 named Hurricane Dean.
  • Hurricane Patricia formed on October 20th 2015.
  • Hurricane Patricia dissipated on October 24th 2015.
  • The official death toll in Mexico from the effects is currently 0.
  • Hurricane Patricia broke the record for having the lowest pressure for a tropical cyclone 880mb (millibars) after the previous record was held by Hurricane Wilma at 882mb.
  • Intense Rainfall was seen and the residue of the hurricane has left heavy rains in U.S. states such as Texas.
  • Trees were sent toppling down and houses were ripped/severely damaged in villages.
  • Approximately 50,000 people were evacuated prior to Patricia.
  • The effects of Patricia could result in severe flooding in estimates up to 200mm to 475mm rain


Hurricane Patricia has broken numerous records, and the damage caused was expected to be mirroring the damage of Hurricane Katrina. Luckily, a very limited number amount of people had died from the hurricane especially in Mexico (no deaths).

However, it is best to be alert to the aftermath of Hurricane Patricia and it’s remnants as more damage could be potentially be caused by landslides, flooding, mudslides etc. Let’s just hope the people affected are brought to safety.


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