FIFA 16 First Gameplay Impressions

FIFA 16 Has Seen Significant Improvements from Last Year

The FIFA franchise from EA Sports (Electronic Arts) has been an ever-growing computer based game about the (as we say in the UK): “Beautiful game of football” The debate about whether it’s called football and soccer can be debated at a later time…

FIFA 16 was recently released on the 24th of September. A lot of expectations of improvements upon gameplay was eagerly awaited since FIFA 15 had many frustrating issues. FIFA 15 in short was not one of the best games that EA Sports had produced and had received a large sum of negative feedback. However as always people see the positives in the game as well and stated their retaliation to the negativity.

Some of the Major Changes 

Ball Control and Passing
When I first played FIFA 16 I noticed a huge difference in ball control and passing. Ball control in my opinion has seen a large overhaul than last year. Heavier passes lead to the control being more realistic comparative to FIFA 15 as sometimes depending on the player, through a ground pass the ball can end up above your head if the pass is very powerful. Referring to Ultimate Team levels, A bronze player cannot simply expect to charge towards the ball now and see it controlled like a gold player. You really do need to slow down or even stand still to expect a good control. Players like Messi, Ronaldo and the top players obviously have great control and the difference is huge now than in FIFA 15.

Passing needs the right power and direction. Before in FIFA 15, passes were sometimes so accurate that a team like Scunthorpe United could spray passes like Barcelona on World Class mode against the World XI. Well luckily, not anymore. Depending on the right power and direction your passes will get to the intended man, if not then expect the opposing player to step in and take the ball or to see your pass end up beyond the touchlines.

Goalkeepers have FINALLY become better

After all the hype in FIFA 15 with the bombardment of trailers, interviews, footage about how goalkeepers had become better was nothing more than an utter disappointment. Goalkeepers would miss the easiest saves and stand like they were stuck in the mud when a shot would come by. Their in-game IQ was VERY bad as they would fail to save shots from tight angles and let a slow ball rolling in front of their face that could easily be picked up go out for a goal-kick. EA Sports may have received a shocker in this but in FIFA 16 A LOT of these problems are solved. The goalkeepers have high intelligence, and Manuel Neuer finally acts like his stats show. One-0n-ones, saves, tight angle saves, easy pickups, positioning, you name it – the goalkeepers have had a major improvement. Every FIFA fan would be relieved to see this improvement as it is very satisfying and would in-fact save some controllers from getting smashed.

Push and Pull tackling Rejuvenated

Normally if you held the tackle button in FIFA 15 next to the player 90% of the time your player would pull the opposing players shirt and they would fall like they’ve slipped on ice. This meant that many unnecessary penalties were given for an annoying aspect.  Now, there is a real test of strength and players hardly pull the players shirt down for no reason. A feature of such has made the game feel much better and smoother which I personally feel is a great enhancement than the previous game.


Personal Overview

FIFA 16’s gameplay has seen a much more significant improvement than last year. Last year it was increasingly frustrating to see a team keep constant possession when the easiest of passes could have got interrupted due to the players IQ. FIFA 16 feels much more realistic, smooth and certainly more exciting to play than FIFA 15. FIFA 15 sometimes felt like the games were just against you and rigged but with FIFA 16 there is a much more even-playing field with the gameplay improvements and you will feel that the score-lines are deservingly indicated by the performance of ones tactics, skills and methods.

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