Fruit Picking Experience in Copas Farms – Buckinghamshire, UK

Fruit/ Vegetable farms are not a thing that would the first thing that pops into my mind when asked about what to do for a day out. In fact, it was the first time that I ever had visited a fruit farm on July the 27th 2016. The company that I visited – Copas Farms – are relatively well known in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and have substantially large farms for different fruits. Personally, I thought that the selection of fruits would have been limited and that the amount of fruit plants per fruit would also be in small quantities. However, it was quite the opposite as you could actually spend a good 20-30 minutes exploring strawberry plants and finding ripe and well harvested strawberries. There were so many strawberry plants and made it feel like there was a higher priority and allocation dedicated towards growing strawberries. But my day wasn’t just spent going on a Dora the Explorer type adventure to find the strawberries. In fact, I had picked a variety of fruits and vegetables such as broad beans, raspberries, runner beans, beetroot, apples and even spinach leaves! To be honest, I thought it would have taken me half an hour to get all of these but clearly I misplaced my judgement…

What’s it like?

At first I got carried away in picking up waaaay too many unripe and hardly grown fruits when I had just stepped foot into the farm! Well it was my first time so there’s always something to learn! The way it works is that there is an entry fee of £3 per head and once done picking, they deduct your entry fee off your total price. So for example, if your total amount came to £12, they would minus the £3 from the total which would give £9 in total. The way they charge you for your total is based upon weight. There are signs to each field with the prices on it which can vary between each fruit. However, I must say that I did get a substantial amount of fruit for a fair price.

The experience itself was rather unique as it made me think about what it would have been like growing up in the countryside and having fresh fruit and vegetable everyday as opposed to processed supermarket fruit and veg in the city. I mean farming is extremely hard labour work as I personally believe it is as hard as building. So respect to all the farmers in the world who basically supply us our wonderful fruit and vegetables!

The experience also made me appreciate the variety of fruit and vegetable we have access to compared to other people in the world. There is too much negativity spread around that we often are taught to forget about the less fortunate and even worse, claim that they are the problem in society. However, it encouraged me to do better for others and hopefully I can carry out charitable work for others who are in need for basic necessities for growth and malnutrition such as fruit and vegetables.

So all in all, the fruit picking experience was a very enjoyable one and I highly recommend to go to Copas Farms for those living in the city and wanting to experience what it is like to go fruit picking. The Buckinghamshire farm has both quality and quantity and even has a mini shop at the end for those not satisfied with what they got. But one thing’s for sure, do not go in autumn or winter unless you want frozen fruit…

Have you been to a fruit/ vegetable farm? Share your experience!


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