Hildesheim, Germany – A Cultured City

Hildesheim – a historical German city


Located in Northern Germany near Hanover, the beautiful city has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. 100,000 inhabitants whom see World Cultural Heritage sites everyday. Now, if you decide to go to Hildesheim, make sure you pronounce it correctly otherwise your tourist guides or locals would be extremely confused. Hildesheim is pronounced can be said with a silent H or without the ‘sh’ sound so basically Hild-es-eim or Hild-es-haim. Hildesheim is remarkably one of the oldest cities ever built in Germany dating back all the way to 815 AD! Hildesheim fascinatingly survived both the World Wars, albeit being heavily damaged. So, if you’re looking for a historical place to visit with wonderful landmark buildings that have potentially survived centuries, Hildesheim is a place to visit.

Things You Can Do and Places to Visit

Hildesheim Market in Winter

Hildesheim has a beautiful market place called ‘Marktplatz’ which was considered to be one of the most eye-catching markets in the world. The market place is at the pinnacle of things to do and places to visit in Hildesheim. It is also lively and active especially in the winter due to the festive season.

One of the Hildesheim Cathedrals

There are many historic landmarks for visitation such as two guild halls which are the ‘Butchers Guild Hall’ which is filled with German paintings and proverbs which are vibrant and the ‘Bakers Guild Hall’. The city also has many religious buildings which have historical significance like the ‘Romanesque Hildesheim Cathedral’ whereby it barely survived World War II to now being named an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. What makes the Cathedral even more special is that it is presumably has a rose bush which is allegedly 1,000 years old!! This bush is meant to be one of the oldest bushes ever and is situated somewhere near the Cathedral. Hildesheim has several other notable churches such as St.Michaels Church which is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site and St.Andreas.

Hildesheim may not be your typical destination to go to but it certainly is for those attracted to a vibrant environment with historical attachment. It is uniquely different to large cities but the best thing that stands out is the cultural diversity and lively atmosphere Hildesheim offers. So if you are looking to explore somewhere relatively uncommon, Hildesheim is your place to go! Hotels in Hildesheim have high reviews with the most important thing for everyone nowadays – free Wi-fi! One hotel for example – Van Der Valk Hotel has it’s own spa…

So there you have it, Hildesheim is definitely a beautiful place with promising things to do!

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