Hurricane Matthew Haiti Facts

Hurricane Matthew is another hurricane to devastatingly hit Haiti as they suffer yet another calamity. As the hurricane now passes through Florida whilst this article is being wrote, there are no clear facts about the damage and impact the hurricane has had on residents within the U.S.A. Therefore, it is worth taking time to understand and collect facts about the impact hurricane Matthew has had on Haiti.

Hurricane Facts:

  • It was a category 4 hurricane as winds were up to 145 miles per hour
  • It is the strongest hurricane the Caribbean has experienced in a decade (10 years)
  • Torrential rains battered Haiti as well
  • It was the first category 4 hurricane that Haiti had suffered since 1964
  • The hurricane struck Haiti in the morning on October 6th 2016.


The effects of Hurricane Matthew

  • 900 People and rising have lost their lives in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew.
  • The BBC said that 90% of south Haiti had been destroyed due to Hurricane Matthew.
  • Almost 61,500 Haitian residents were in shelters seeking refuge from Hurricane Matthew
  • Hurricane Matthew was dubbed as “This Storm Will Kill You”
  • Necessities to live in Haiti are in shortage due to the impacts of Hurricane Matthew
  • The main road connecting the capital, Port-au-Prince, to the southern coast has been broken and destroyed.
  • The Government and UN estimate that around 350,000 and more are in need of aid.
  • The effects of the Hurricane are so bad that they were only beginning to recover from the earthquake they suffered in 2010. This shows that Haiti have suffered another drastic setback in their recovery of their country.
  • More than 1 million homes have lost power.
  • Cholera has now spread in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew because of flood water and sewage mixing together.
  • Thousands of people have been displaced in Haiti.
  • The farming village of Chantal experienced many trees destroyed homes and 86 people have lost their lives with fears that more bodies may be found.


These are only the major facts that are currently been circulated on the web with many small problems such as the psychological impacts not being mentioned. We pray for Haiti’s safety and the people that have lost their lives and for the protection of inhabitants in the future.







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