How To Identify And Avoid Buying A Fake Expensive Watch

Watch what you’re buying

Watches will forever be in fashion, no matter the make. However, the most expensive watches such as Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Rolex, Michael Kors etc. are one of the most easily replicated watches and are a scammer’s dream. It is actually no surprise that expensive watches are a targeted scamming option because it is one of the first results in Google when typing “Expensive” into the google search engine. The unfortunate thing is, most people fall into the trap of buying an exact fake replica of an expensive watch, as collecting watches is a common habit. So, today I have decided to compile a short yet effective list on how to identify and avoid fake watches.


1) If the bought watch has rust/scratches

When buying a brand new watch from a top-end designer, the watch will arrive spotless and in immaculate condition. If you received yours and it has unprofessional finishing, it is most likely a counterfeit. They may not be that visible, but if you inspect a fake watch closely, the finish will look untidy and weird compared to a real one. Be sure to always check closely first before buying.


2) The watch’s price is cheap

This is one of the most common mistakes buyers make when searching for watches. Yes it may seem that you are getting a Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Quantieme Annuel watch for £500 compared to it’s £5,500 price, but the reality is it’s most certainly fake. You should always check the original price before dealing with someone or buying from a good-looking website because they may seem legitimate but in reality they are the finest of frauds you would come across. Legitimate sellers who sell expensive watches for dirt cheap are of very rare quality and sellers like those are like finding needles in a haystack.


3) If the dial is playing up

If the watch’s dial begins to start jumping or stop-starting, you may have purchased a fake watch. A fake watch’s dial would have a quartz movement which is a step by step like movement of the hand in the dial. It is not deemed smooth at all and manufacturers can in-fact go out and get a free second hand in the dial to replicate the smoothness of a real watch which they then sell on the market. However, many argue that some Rolex watches have the quartz movement mechanism such as the OysterQuartz watch thus making it extremely hard to differentiate. Nevertheless, the majority of real watches have a smooth dial and hand movement.



4) The weight of a fake watch will be light

Although straightforward and common sense, a real watch will be heavy due to the engraving and expensive and true material used to create them. No real watch would feel lightweight at all as real metals are used to preciously craft the watch. Real gold is heavy and extremely expensive.  However, some people fall into this trap due to the luxurious cheap price tag.


5) The wording is innacurate

Manufacturers assign engraving experts to use their special skill set to word a real watch to perfection. If you see that your watch has some poor engraving, misspelling and even incorrect spacing of letters, your watch is most likely fake. This can be one of the craftiest yet obvious ways that counterfeit sellers use because lettering is usually on the back of the watch and is small.


So be sure to always look out for these tips. I have another tip and that is you should always buy from a trusted seller with many positive reviews. However, be extra careful if they have negative reviews regarding selling expensive watches which can be commonly hidden in eBay sellers as most of their positive feedback may derive from their other stock and items they sell.


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