Should makeup be tested on animals?

Hypoallergenic makeup products

Should we accept animal cruelty for human benefits?

Around the globe, there have been many debates on whether beauty/cosmetic brands should test their products on animals. More than thousands of animals have been blinded, poisoned and killed each year. Even if the results have come out negative on animals, these products could still be sold to you.

Some of the main beauty brands, such as MAC, Bobbi Brown and Estée Lauder are known for their testing on animals. In the UK, and all other member states of the EU, animal testing for cosmetic products or their ingredients has been banned. It is also illegal to sell products within the EU that have been tested on animals, however this law was only placed in March 2013, 3 years ago. China, US, Russia and many other countries still – to this day – accept the cruelty on animals.

There are many alternatives to animal testing for guaranteeing the safety of products. For example, computer models and human tissues are used. These methods are seen to give the same, somewhat even better results as testing on animals. Brands such as NARS, Lush and Urban Decay are against the use of animal testing, and are cruelty free. More than 1100 beauty companies have banned their products being tested on animals. However, some of the main brands still push on their testing, causing severe harm to innocent animals.

So why do beauty brands still test on animals?

Some beauty brands believe that, due to a rat supposedly sharing around 95% of the same DNA as a human, it is more accurate and reliable to see the result. They believe that using animals as their ‘prototype’ will provide them with more and effective results. However, why not use an alternative when there are different options out there?

Some of those against animal testing state that despite their being many alternatives to guarantee product safety, beauty brands still think it is acceptable to test on animals. Why risk an animals’ life for our own selfish needs? On the other hand, few of those that don’t oppose animal testing admit that they believe animal testing is acceptable due to it being crucial for the growth of our economy.

So what do you think? Is animal testing for beauty brands acceptable? Should we continue to allow this cruelty on animals for our sake?

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