Montana, USA – The “Big Sky Country”

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You may have heard of the common, ubiquitously advertised American travel destinations of the big and exciting cities such as Los Angeles and Miami. Montana (No, not Hanna Montana) however, is a relatively unadvertised state that has wonderful and promising landscape, especially if you are a country lover.

General Background

Montana is located towards the Northern West of the U.S.A., bordering with Canada. In fact, it is one of the biggest Northern US states as it is ranked 4th in size in the U.S.A, hence it’s amazing topographical landscape. With three significant drainage basins, Montana’s landscape is filled with terrain and rocky features that consists of mountains and plains. Due to the diversity of features, it has various nicknames with the most famous being the “Big Sky Country” or “The Treasure State”. To emphasise how big the terrain is, the state’s economy is prominently centred around agriculture and farming. So, what makes Montana so special?

Landmarks and fantastic landscape features

There are so many wonderful features and landmarks that Montana possesses. Most infamously, is the Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park is an adventurers dream destination as it is filled with alpine meadows, mountains, gleaming lakes and has never ending bike trails and hiking points. Don’t worry you don’t need to travel by foot as it is a destination for cars as well. However, it is most known for it’s ‘Going-to-the-Sun-Road’ where it has an approximate 7,400 foot high pass connecting two places together. If you haven’t seen pictures of Glacier National Park, you may find a new screen saving background to your computer if you searched the internet! Although the natural formation of Montana is breathtaking, there are also human created landmarks that are popular to the residents and tourists of Montana. For example, there is the Museum of the Rockies which displays a vast array of sculpted dinosaurs and wowing visuals of replicated dinosaur eggs. What makes the museum special is that it does not necessarily concern any random dinosaurs, but dinosaurs that actually roamed the historical landscape of Montana. There is also the World Museum of Mining that features mining relics that has a significant historical background. There are many more prominent sites to visit but these are the ones that are the eye-candy of Montana.

Activities and things to do

If sightseeing and wildlife exploring is not enough, Montana has a vast array of activities to offer. Ranging from family activities to solo exploration, Montana has it all! You can go on massive shopping spree’s as there are no sales tax on any of the items purchased! Montana has many antique stores, fantastic bargains and exquisite items. If shopping isn’t for you, then there are many leisure activities such as spa’s and 14 hot spring pools to relax within Montana. Furthermore, there are tours of the area, extensive art galleries and museums representing the culture of the area and posh restaurants that offer local and international recipes. Where there is something to do, there is always more things to do in Montana!

Montana is one of those beautiful places that have both nature and man-made wonders coinciding with a historical and cultural significance. Montana is the definition of a dream vacation and is one of a selective fantastic locations.

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