An Open Letter to EA DICE About Star Wars Battlefront

An enjoyable, beautiful looking game but is riddled with annoying and unplayable glitches

It is undeniable that Star Wars Battlefront (SWBF) looks amazing and sounds majestic. However, whilst Star Wars Battlefront is a fun and wonderful game to play, the game only seems to get more problems than solutions after each DLC. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness and compile glitches and problems in one place that hopefully EA DICE will see and fix. Also, changes that are commonly agreed in the community and some personal opinions of improving the game will be included. Finally, this article will be updated after every time a patch comes out.

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***AS OF PATCH 1.10/ Version 1.10***

Last Updated: 1oth November, 2016

Glitches that need removing/ attention

Hero Glitches

  • Walker Assault multiple hero glitch – A glitch when all heroes on one side are in the game apart from the normal 1 hero. This should have been put in the game in the first place for massive game modes and on both sides but for one side to exploit it is unfair and unplayable at times.
  • Frozen hero selection glitch – Glitch where you’re unable to choose a hero and are forced to exit the game. Mainly happens in the Outer Rim extraction game mode  and on other game modes such as Walker Assault when the multiple hero glitch is happening.
  • Hero Hunt multiple hero glitch – Glitch where two heroes are in one map rather than one (can also make two of the same heroes appear). Really annoying glitch that definitely needs removing as it makes the game mode totally unplayable. Can also happen in the singlee player skirmish mode as well.
  • Heroes becoming shaped in the form of stormtroopers/ rebels – Not too bad of a glitch as it looks cool but doesn’t really create any problems but still it should require attention.
  • Heroes using custom classes + being in the form of stormtroopers/ rebels – Mainly happens in big game modes where when selected a hero you end up using your own custom class instead. Kind of cool but really weird and needs attention.
  • Nien Nunb’s combat roll glitch – Nien Nunb can go flying if he combat rolls on a slope – especially seen in hero hunt.
  • Luke Skywalker saber rush against objects – A rather unknown glitch but if Luke Skywalker uses his saber rush ability against an object that usually does not cause harm to a normal character, he can lose health. This is especially seen in the Bespin DLC within the Carbonite Freezing Chambers map as if he hits objects and sometimes walls it can make him lose health and if on low health, defeat himself.
  • Animations causing heroes to be to stuck in them – normally happens when heroes are stunned by other heroes. Not a game breaking glitch, its funny to see but if you want to go on a kill streak with a hero the glitch certainly does not suit you!

Map Glitches

  • Players can get outside of certain maps – most have been fixed but some are still visible in game. Especially seen in hero hunt/ heroes vs Villains maps such as raider camp, imperial hangar and swamp crash site.

General Glitches

  • Speeder Bike Team-kill glitch – My personal worst glitch in game and in the map Forest Moons of Endor. Can instantly kill heroes and teammates and ruins everything about the map. The worst thing is, it has been out since the beginning of the game and has taken the team nearly 10 months to find a fix! Really?
  • Combat roll glitch – the combat roll does not work properly at all times which is fairly annoying.
  • Medical droid blocking shipment in extraction game mode – The medical droid when placed in front of a shipment can block the shipment from reaching its destination and it is a troll’s dream. Seriously EA?
  • Distorted characters – mainly happens with heroes, but can happen with normal characters and even R2-D2 in the Death Star which causes the character to look extremely weird and can create seizures when moving.
  • R2-D2 falling down in death star maps… and not respawning – R2-D2 can fall down in death star maps (that cause death) and does not respawn if he does. R2-D2 is literally stuck there for the whole game and the rebels cannot win phase 2 on battle station no matter what they try.
  • Players/ heroes can get outside onto the death star itself and in space! – I find this one really funny and cool as you can run around as Luke Skywalker on the Death star in stage 3 of battle station! This also happens with infantry as they get stuck outside floating in space as well. The glitch happens randomly.


Game Changes/Points  – My personal choices

Blasters, star cards and pickups


  • Remove secondary fire from TL-50 repeater and K-16 Bryar Pistol OR completely nerf them – By far one of the most annoying additions to the game as people just abuse the jetpack combo with the TL-50 secondary fire to spawn trap, take down heroes and abuse tunnels. All I have seen in hero hunt is people just using secondary fire to take down heroes and no-one really can enjoy the game mode. It also ruins big game modes as people just abuse the secondary fire. In regards to the Bryar pistols secondary fire, it does too much damage against vehicles, turrets and heroes and definitely needs a nerf. It is not as bad as TL-50’s secondary fire but still requires a nerf.
  • T-21B should have a slower overheating rate – To be honest, it’s not the best gun in the game but you have to be super accurate to get a kill because the blaster overheats pretty quickly. It only takes like 4-5 shots before overheating and the enemy can escape quickly. It is a good gun to use at long range but i feel it could do with a slight upgrade with its overheating rate.
  • The DLT-19X’s reload does not function properly – It is either lag or the gun itself because the recharge/ reload mechanism is flawed. Sometimes you take a shot without knowing and the overheat/reload prompt on the screen comes.


Star Cards

  • Remove the disruption star card – In my opinion, the worst star card in the game. Overused after the Bespin DLC, it seemed a good tactic at first until it became extremely annoying as heroes are left stranded and can be downed very quickly. It also prevents the fun in one-on-one gun fights for competitive players and players in general. It can also make people rage if someone uses disruption and then emotes afterwards if you die to the person. The card removes the fun from games and shows no real skill when used.
  • Slightly reduce the health regeneration of Adrenaline Stim – Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic card to use but sometimes with the bacta bomb it can get too much especially if the enemy keeps killing you with that combo. Adrenaline stim can regenerate health quite quickly and with the revamped survivalist trait, it can get overused and abused.
  • Add a few more star cards (that make the game better of course!) – Some cards have made the game more unenjoyable rather than improving SWBF (e.g. disruption and adrenaline stim) and the game could do with a few more!



  • Droids do too much damage and should be nerfed – Not only do they deal massive damage to heroes, they can lock on from miles away! It is amazing how they can lock on to someone from 500000 miles away and is really frustrating with the amount of damage they do to heroes.



  • Chewbacca’s animations leave him for the dead – Whatever hero ability you use, Chewie’s animations will make you lose health immediately. I have no idea why EA decided for Chewbacca to have the most animations as he is the slowest and most immobile hero of the lot. Whenever he uses his roar ability, his ground slam and even multiple bowcaster shots ability, there is a good 1-2 second animation where he can get blasted and lose substantial health. In fact, he spends more time doing animations rather than taking out stormtroopers.
  • Change Emperor Palpatine’s & Princess Leia’s pickup ability in bigger game modes – Whilst all the are stacked offensively in bigger game modes, Leia and Palpatine are limited. Palpatine especially, as his lightning runs out and well, that’s his only offensive ability! Although pickups help support teammates, it really is no use for a hero in bigger game modes because some players don’t even support their team at all! I think that it should be replaced with their health pickup but only giving like 10/20 health and the recharge rate should be very slow. Or maybe just replace it with something entirely different, but I prefer option 1.
  • Where is the block ability upgrade for Emperor Palpatine? – EA DICE developers said that they were giving the emperor an ability to get his lightsaber to use when he blocks blaster deflections (as his block ability does not deflect like lightsabers) but it is nowhere to be seen. I would love to see that, or maybe it should be made where his chain lightning can take out more than the maximum 5 people it does. I would say that if the emperor blocks enough shots he would have increased lightning power or when using chain lightning, it takes out a larger group and then when used, it discharges so that you have to use the block ability again to gain more lightning power.
  • Darth Vader force choke kills are STILL GETTING TAKEN! – EA DICE have yet again failed to realise that the force choke gives assists rather than kills at times when teammates shoot the enemy being force choked. I mean really? The SWBF community have constantly reiterated this fact and yet there is no change. Why can’t EA simply make the players being force choked immune to blaster fire like they do when Luke and Vader are in a lightsaber standoff (occurs when both heroes use their heavy strikes at the same time). I mean it’s not a really hard change at all and is a petty annoying feature.
  • Buff Han Solo’s Shoulder Charge – What on earth happened to his shoulder charge since the Death Star DLC?! It barely even hits anyone anymore and has literally become useless! I’ve seen and experienced this and it’s something that baffles me to how EA DICE could have possibly done that. Han’s shoulder charge should be able to get multi-kills but in fact you can barely get one at the moment!
  • Luke Skywalker’s abilities have lag/ don’t take down the enemy – Before any DLC, Luke’s abilities used to wreck multiple enemies at once and I’m talking about 5+. However, now his saber rush only hits a few people and fails to kill other enemies within the same radius! This is the same for his force push as there can be 6 people within his radius but only 3/4 get taken out. That is a very strange thing that has happened and is very annoying at times.
  • The pre-dlc heroes should get traits like the others – A highly requested attribute by the community which is apparently in the works. This is how i would personally characterise the traits for each pre-dlc hero:

Luke Skywalker: Trait = ‘Jedi Steps’, Lvl 1: 10% (if you can increase run by %) increased running speed, Lvl 2: 20% increased running speed, Lvl 3: 30% increased running speed.

Princess Leia: Trait = ‘Rebellious Tactics’,  Lvl 1: Scans enemies periodically within small radius, Lvl 2: Scans enemies bit faster within medium radius, Lvl 3: Scans enemies on larger radius and enemies stay visible for longer to Leia (bit like how the scout binoculars work) and Leia goes off the radar.

Han Solo: Trait = ‘Smuggler’s Fortune’, Lvl 1: Slight increase in lucky shot radius, slight increase in rapid fire time. Lvl 2: Better increase in lucky shot radius, rapid fire lasts even longer, Han Solo’s blaster fire rate slightly increases. Lvl 3: Larger lucky shot radius, rapid fire lasts substantially longer, normal blaster fire rate increased even better.

Darth Vader: Trait = ‘Unrelenting Anger’, Lvl 1: Slightly increased resistance  from explosives, run speed  up by 5% and blaster deflection damage increase. Lvl 2: Better resistance from explosives, run speed increased by 7.5% more and blaster deflection goes to more than 1 player. Lvl 3: Very good resistance from explosives, run speed 10% increased, blaster deflections instantly kill, force choke instantly kills.

Boba Fett: Trait = ‘Evasive Manoeuvres’ Lvl 1: Slightly increased jetpack length, able to deploy two wrist rockets (one from each hand) and quicker regeneration of jetpack after exhaustion. Lvl 2: Longer jetpack length, ability to deploy four wrist rockets (but slower regeneration time – a bit like how Greedo’s senses works when he increased in traits) and even faster regeneration of jetpack after exhaustion. Lvl 3: ability to deploy six wrist rockets but even slower regeneration time, wrist rockets have bigger radius damage and Boba Fett’s jetpack in air manoeuvre greatly improved.

Emperor Palpatine = ‘Unlimited Power’ Lvl 1: Slightly increased lightning damage, blocking time increased slightly, further dash forward and chain lightning can kill up to 6 people. Lvl 2: Better lightning damaged, blocking time increased longer, even further dash forward and chain lightning can kill up to 7 people. Lvl 3: Very good lightning damage, blocking deflections allows Palpatine to get his lightsaber for a short time, Chain lightning kills up to 8 people, dash forward distance stays the same as lvl 2.

  • Darth Vader should be able to block whilst force choking – A simple addition that seems very logical as he wields his lightsaber in one hand and force chokes in the other. He loses health due to the force choke animation and for Vader to block whilst doing it makes absolute sense.
  • Chewbacca’s Bowcaster overheats very quickly – I find it surprising that Chewbacca’s bowcaster overheats very quickly and makes him ineffective. It should at least last longer especially when he’s shooting only 1-2 bolts (that hardly do damage and you have to be super accurate) and since Chewbacca gets stuck in animations all the time.
  • Nerf Lando’s Power Blast – Lando can one shot heroes with his power blast and is ridiculously good at long distances. EA DICE are working on the hero situation, but I would personally make his power shot only lock onto enemies from medium distances rather than extremely long distances as people can just camp with Lando at the back of the map.
  • Fix Bossk’s heat signature visibility – Bossk’s senses feature where it makes him an absolute beast keeps triggering on and off. Again, EA DICE are working on the problem to solve this.
  • The opportunity to switch off Dengar’s frenzy blast + for dengar being able to run with the ability on – Simple, yet annoying feature that would make that ability much better to use.
  • The opportunity to run with Lando when he has his power blast ability on – Again, don’t know why he can’t run whilst he has it on. Han Solo and Princess Leia are able to run with their blaster abilities on, so why can’t Lando and Dengar do it?
  • The opportunity to switch of Leia’s trooper bane ability + opportunity to switch of Han Solo’s rapid fire ability   – Not sure why they can’t switch it off like the other heroes can with their blaster abilities.
  • The opportunity to run with Bossk when using his micro-grenades ability – Self explanatory, however since Bossk is really good it wouldn’t make much difference in close quarter maps.
  • Reduce animation time for certain heroes – One of the most frustrating things in game is the animations that heroes do. The animations can make heroes lose tons of health within seconds and it’s like what on earth?! The worst of the bunch is obviously Chewbacca and I find Vader’s force choke animation and luke’s force push animation annoying as well, although when they’re in the air and are used, they work MUCH BETTER. Leia’s and Palpatine’s health drop/ support pickup animation is rather annoying as well as you can lose more health instead of actually picking up the health if enemies suddenly appear. Lando’s disruption animation is cool but takes a bit long. However, Bossk, Boba Fett, Dengar, Han Solo and Nien Nunb  barely/ have no animations which is good.
  • Somehow make Luke and Vader invincible to blaster fire/ star cards/ pickups/ vehicle damage whilst fighting each other – One thing I really dislike is seeing a great lightsaber fight getting ruined by teammates interfering. I mean, who DOESN’T like to see a lightsaber fight in SWBF?!?!?! It really takes the feel, intensity and joy out of battles especially when partners spawn on Luke or Vader and ruin great fights even when no-one is around. I mean it works when they’re in a standoff so it should happen when they are both within a certain close proximity radius and engage in battle with each other.



  • Make game modes selectable in the DLC’s – Like how in the main game you can just choose walker assault, it should be possible to just join a lobby with that game mode in the DLC’s. However, since there’s only one map for walker assault in Bespin it can be limited.
  • Add more modes to the Death Star DLC – Only a few modes for an expensive DLC?? There’s only like 4 game modes for the Death Star DLC and although EA DICE have said that they will add more game modes like droid run into the Death Star DLC, there’s nothing to be seen yet.
  • Allow specific game modes to specific DLC’s to appear in other DLC’s – So basically, something like having extraction in bespin or sabotage in the death star DLC. It makes sense to only put it for season pass holders/ those who have all the DLC’s as the game modes are DLC based.


Skirmish (Offline Gamemode)

  • Just every bug needs fixing + content from online needs to be brought into single player.
  • More Unique/ different game modes to be added to skirmish.
  • Unique objectives to make the game mode more enjoyable – So something like help a certain teammate out and earn online credits or something. Maybe make an online weapon only unlockable through skirmish?? That would certainly be unique


General/ for the overall game

  • More free content in online + single player missions – There is no surprise that SWBF lacked content when released. Although improvements have been made, DLC’s can be relatively expensive and there should be more free maps available to non season pass holders. Survivors of Endor and Twilight on Hoth have been wonderful, fun and amazing editions so maybe just another 1 or 2 maps would be great to see. For single player, there were plans for extraction missions to be made but apparently they have been dropped. The tutorials are very limited and seeing missions would be great, even if it’s nearly been a year.
  • The AT-AT AI and controlled light blasters are unreal in Walker Assault – The AT-AT requires a serious nerf. The AI lock-ons are unbelievable as it’s like autobot aiming and is baffling. Heroes like Han Solo can lose a good 20 health due to the AI’s lock on. It is very annoying for infantry as well especially if you’re trying to flank and try new tactics as the AT-AT will miraculously lock onto you and destroy you. Sometimes they can kill you when you are hiding and can lock on to you from ridiculous angles and somehow find a way to take you out. As for the light canon blasters it is the most OP controlled ability for the AT-AT (and the most annoying). It literally has no cooldown and can destroy heroes and infantry within seconds. It can ruin good kill streaks as well as obviously you cannot attack the AT-AT outside the Y-wing attacks.
  • Camping heroes should get penalised/warned/punished – No-one likes a camping hero at the back of the map where the opposition can’t get you. I mean unless you are really getting pinned down it is justifiable but when people just camp with them getting 1 kill after two checkpoints in walker assault or not helping the team they should get penalised for it. What I personally think, is that there should be a boundary to where they should go or a detection for them not doing anything such as supporting teammates or getting kills. They should either get defeated with the excuse of getting lost far, far away or just lose health for camping (maybe heroes get bored and decide to nap and lose health? :D). But in all seriousness, it is an issue that requires attention as it really makes team killing in endor justifiable.
  • When players are getting selected for the next hero in hero hunt, the game timer should just stop – An easy thing to do because it’s just a waste of valuable seconds or maybe that is why they prolonged the game time limit….
  • Change things with the imperial spawn point in the carbonite freezing chambers – The ultimate rush point with Luke Skywalker and is pretty frustrating. It should be made an out of bounds area for rebels to go to.



If you would like me to add anything be sure to let me know!

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