May the 4th – Star Wars Day – Quotes Galore!

May the fourth be with you

“May the Fourth be with you” Today marks the fourth of May which is a widely celebrated and an infamous trend for all Star Wars fans. Some may dress up, some may engage in lightsaber duels or some might just… Continue Reading


The Sumatran Rhino – On the brink of extinction

sumatran rhino

This species of Rhino’s may no longer be with us in the near future Why are Rhino’s becoming endangered? Rhino’s nowadays are gradually nearing towards critical endangerment and worse, extinction. In 1970 there were only 70,000 rhinoceroses and currently there… Continue Reading


Danube Delta, Romania – Europe’s second largest delta river

danube delta

A river that is a seamlessly eloquent host One of Romania’s beautiful and oldest (environmentalists and ecologists estimate the river was established 6,500 years ago) landscapes and natural beauty is definitely the Danube Delta or as per local Romanians call it –… Continue Reading


Hurricane Alex Facts – A Rare January Hurricane in the Atlantic

Hurricane Alex Satellite Imagery

Hurricane Alex – The First Storm of 2016 Hurricane Alex is the first hurricane to hit the new year. What makes Hurricane Alex unique is that it is a rarity to see it in the Atlantic: It is the first… Continue Reading


My Top 5 Star Wars Lightsaber Duels

star wars

Nothing better than seeing a lightsaber battle Star Wars is a franchise that even makes grown adults reminisce about. In tribute to the latest movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens arriving after a decade since the previous film, here are… Continue Reading


5 Banned Ingredients in Cosmetics

banned makeup

These ingredients could’ve made you look spectacular, but on the inside it is a different story. Cosmetics/ Makeup is a worldwide use for women especially and will only continue to elevate. Some companies used this as an opportunity to seek… Continue Reading