How to put a GIF in your blogpost – The easiest way

The GIF craze has become a major thing of current social media trends and satire. In one form or another you will see GIFs all over the internet. Even Twitter has now given the option to tweet GIF’s thanks to the surging use of GIFs. For those who do not know, a GIF is by definition “a loseless format for image files that supports both animated and static images”. It stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is an image that moves in repetition for only a short period of time.

As blogging has also become a major trend, lots of people tend to utilise GIFs to support their blogposts and to create a more user-friendly post. The most common way and easiest way to import a GIF into your blogpost is to import it like you would with any other type of media. This means that you do not need to use the HTML view to import a GIF (although it is possible but it is more complicated and longer and could also mess up your blog format). The extension of the file has to be .GIF for it to work and it should appear in motion on your website and blogposts.

Here is an example:

1) GIPHY is the most popular website to find GIF’s on. Here is a link to GIPHY. You could also use google images or any alternative way of finding a GIF.

2) Search for what type of GIF you want and once selected, click on it.

3) Right click your selected GIF and select “copy image address”.

4) For WordPress, use the “add media” option and then “insert from URL”. Wait for the link to load and then select “insert into post”. Make sure the last bit of the URL is under the .GIF format.  The same thing should apply for other blogging websites along those lines.

5) Once inserted your GIF should appear in active motion like below and Ta-da! Your blog now has an active GIF! Watch your GIF come alive in your blogposts from now on!


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