Quote of the Day – 22nd July

“Don’t let the silly things steal your happiness”

Today’s quote is relevant to many situations in life. You may have had a fight with someone over one of the silliest things on the planet. For example you could have fought with your best friend over a careless assumption over something with little importance. As a consequence, you could break up your most important relationship because of this. My question is why? The littlest of things can spoil friendships that are filled with joy and happiness. Why waste it over silly little things? This doesn’t apply to just friends, it can apply to family as well which is even more important. Family relations are extremely important especially your siblings and parents. Would you rather be angry with your parents because you couldn’t go out a night which could have led to bad things? Your happiness may temporarily be hindered but seeing your parents angry and upset is even more upsetting that seeing yourself upset. Whether we admit it or not, we hate seeing our parents in such dire situations so basically little arguments with your parents steals happiness both ways.

There are other incidents that can inadvertently steal your happiness. Whether it is someone who gave you a bad look by mistake or you just assumed something bad, what is the point of worrying about it? Probably in a few days you would completely forget that something so small happened. So don’t worry over little things that can potentially make you unhappy. There are many other major things to worry about and require heavier attention than over the little and simplest issues. So I would say don’t care and don’t worry over little misunderstandings! Everyone makes mistakes and after all we are humans bound to make silly errors. So do not take small things to heart and always wish for the better on someone as wishing something bad on someone which may be over a misunderstanding will only backfire on you and will drain your happiness. Be the spark of happiness in the world!

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