Quote of the Day – 12th September 2015

“Be Yourself Because An Original Is Worth More Than A Copy” – Unknown


 This quote is an exemplification of being happy with yourself in life. There have been many situations where a person feels and ask themselves “Oh I wish I was like them” or “Wow, what a life they’re having!” But all that results in just chasing someone else’s destiny. Why run after someone else’s pre-determined fate/ destiny when you can create your own? Continuous chasing of wanting to become something you are not is like trying to physically catch your own shadow. That person you admire and aspire whether they be a celebrity or even possibly your neighbour, probably established themselves by being themselves! So if they can be themselves and set an example for others, so can you!

Like stated here in one of our older posts, everyone has a specific skill set, specifics abilities which makes them unique. Uniqueness is your key to the path of your satisfaction and happiness. You have to find out what makes you special and stand out from everyone else. By finding the talents that you have, the path to success and joy is unlimited!

Focusing on other peoples lifestyles and ways only hinders and prevents yourself from being the person that is deep down in your heart.

Just remember – you are a flower waiting to blossom – The time to be you may be later, soon or NOW

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