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Today’s quote is about the meanings behind what is the true meaning behind leadership. Personally, the term leader can be taken way out of context to the true meanings behind it. If you type in the definition for leader in Google, the top result is: “the person who leads or commands a group, organisation or a country”. This is evidently true, but leaders can also be in your local community, or even in your family. You may ask why in such small spaces, but that is what John Maxwell’s quote is about. A family leader doesn’t necessarily have to be the boss of the house but more of a person who encourages, motivates and of course empowers others in the house or in the family to aspire and reach their goals. Not only that, but the most important part about being the leader is helping and giving. For example, your parents are leaders in every shape and form. They are there for you when you are down, upset or demotivated and empower you, they are there for you when you are at your best and most successful which is due to their leadership and guidance and most importantly, they teach you valuable life lessons that will make you become a great leader yourself when someone else is in need. What more of a leader could you ask for?

Now, the majority of people claim to follow leaders because of their great power and enforcement. But do many people classify them as great? That is a question that can only be answered by the actions of a leader. Let’s just use the examples of  bosses/ HR’s at work to exemplify what characteristics make a leader. If a “leader” is in power and has an abundance of money, assets etc. and demands everyone to work 5am-10pm everyday and charges an average hourly rate,  just so that they can rake in more profit, no-one would like that right? But if a “leader” who is in the same situation pays you and your colleagues  a healthy wage that could turn your financial state into a luxurious and positive life as well as only having to work 10-2/3pm because they value family/free time more than enslaving workers, everyone would love him right? That is what makes a TRUE leader. The sad reality is that many “leaders” possess hardly any characteristics that make them a real leader as they’re mainly in it for themselves. But obviously there are unsung heroes who are truly great by empowering others as well as themselves.


John Maxwell’s quote is a beautiful quote that underpins the true meanings behind leadership. With that being said, if you do come across someone with such immaculate persona’s please tell them that they’re a brilliant person and that more people are needed who are like them. I wish that you and I find a true leader or true leaders in our lives and that we follow the same footsteps as them so that we can attempt to make the world a better place.


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