Quote of the Day – 19th September 2015

Today’s quote of the day: “Don’t let your emotions control your actions” – Unknown

SometimeQuote of the day 3s our emotions can get the better of us. Whether its happiness, sadness, anger, annoyance or lust, emotions are a key determinant of what potentially can set you on your life path. This article mainly focuses on the negative emotions as obviously when we are at our best, we always bring out compassion, joy and pure love from the depths of our heart which is becoming a bit of a lost cause in recent years.

Normally anger is the common emotion that circulates and pushes people into doing regrettable things especially for the long term. Some people even become uncontrollable when angry which is the scariest of them all and a sight that even the person throwing a tantrum would hate to rewind and think about. People may ask: “how do you control anger?” I am no psychiatrist but a simple perception of looking at a way to control anger is to ask yourself what the serious consequences are and what is the point of getting angry when there is always the alternative of finding the better situation and course of action. In some cases, there are situations where becoming infuriated is inevitable but beware of the words that come out as some may cause permanent damage than others.

Lust is also another emotion that could affect your life in the future. Lust can be described as “Strong desire” for someone. Lust is a very important emotion that a person must learn to control. Falling in love or being in a relationship with someone which is NOT for building a long term future with them is basically lust. Only going to them and having the mentality for desirable reasons could lead to disastrous events – especially seen in clubbing such as drinks getting spiked. Lust is a dangerous emotion that can end up controlling your mentality and actions.

Sadness is inevitable. The importance is knowing what action to take when you are in your blue moods. Sadness can become extreme leading to horrific events such as suicide. Let me be another person to tell you that there is always another way, opportunity and chance. It may not come in the way you want it but it will be for the better good. When you are in extreme sadness, some people may switch off from the world. All they need is someone to be by their side or a total stranger to even just support them in order to reignite their emptiness into something beautiful and positive -a story that may be told for generations to come. Also, there is the relationship side to things such as overthinking about why they don’t love you. Sometimes your initial instinct is correct and it is better to distance yourself away from them to see whether they really do and if they do not love you, there is always a better person than them. Trusting your instinct can be a good thing but you must never jump to conclusions too early as you may be completely wrong and that may afect what you have. The best thing to do when you are in such situations is to find the happiness in your gloomy times and to not think that the whole world has ended as there are always countless opportunities for you to seize.

Everyone’s been in a situation where their emotions have ended up controlling their actions. What we must do is learn to control our emotions in your own personal way. Whether it is going to your local prayer facility in order to seek calamity or if you’re not religious finding a way that you learn best. Let our calmness do the talking and actions rather than doing something regrettable. There are people who love you very dearly when you might think the whole world is against you.
Be careful of what you do and say.

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