Quote of the Day – 10th September 2015

“The Greatest Pleasure in Life is Doing What People Say YOU Cannot Do”

When you are told “You’re not good enough” or “You’re not capable of doing it” there are two generic ways that a human deals with it:

One is to lose all hope, sit in a corner and cry all day (not literally) and worst of all give up.

The alternative is to take these words with a pinch of salt. Do NOT let those words get inside your head and certainly do not make them control your psychological and mental state. Fuel that fire inside you and work harder than ever to prove them – the haters, the disbelievers, the people who look at you like you don’t have the ‘IT’ factor – wrong.

Prove to them that you are braver, bolder, stronger and most importantly you are better than what they think you are. 

Of course this is not going to happen instantaneously (unless you experience a miracle). Hard work, dedication, having the right mindset and constantly reminding yourself of the hate that only makes your motivation stronger, are the key ingredients to your rise and success.

You will have your breakthrough. You are unique for a reason. Fuel the burning desire inside you that will take you to unimaginable heights.


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