Snow Moon – What is it?

Of course everyone’s heard of a full moon but what exactly is a Snow Moon? A full moon is common whereby it’s majestic gleam showers the clear blue sky at night. However, there have been some numerous names given to a full moon with one being a Snow Moon. The Snow Moon is given it’s particular name because it only occurs in February. Why? Well, that is because accordingly to temperatures and weather in North America, heavy snows are expected in the region in February. Not only that, but the moon seems extremely bright but it is not considered as a special phenomenon by scientists.

The origins of a Snow Moon came from Native Americans which derives from old folklore. The Snow Moon has also been called several different names such as the “No Snow in the Trails Moon” by other Native American tribes. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful thing to see in the sky and recently in the UK, the Snow Moon was clearly visible this February. The cold weather did represent the concept of the Snow Moon but the actually fall of snow didn’t. But it doesn’t matter because mainly everyone loves seeing the beautiful full moon.

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